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Is Applying for Loans Affect Your Credit?

If you are conscious of your credit score, you’re probably wary of the financial decisions, big or small, that you make every day. After all, they have a tendency of affecting your credit score and the chance of you getting approved for credit in the future.

With loans becoming a normal part in almost everybody’s lives these days, there may come a point when you might need to take one out yourself. Of course, the thing that you’d likely be most concerned with is whether this is going to have an impact on your credit score.

Credit Checks

What you need to understand is that whenever you apply for a loan or get a credit line open, lenders and banks are required to look into our financial records. Also referred to as hard checks, this is necessary for them to not only verify your identity, but to also assess where you presently stand financially. These inquiries will then get reflected on your credit file, regardless of whether the loan has been approved or not.

How it affects Your Credit Score

Every time a lender will take a look at your credit file, there is a corresponding drop by a few points on your credit score. While this may just be by a few points, you can only imagine what the effect to your credit score would be if you send multiple applications to multiple lenders at the same time. Also, when lenders see that there are multiple credit inquiries made on your file, this can be treated as a red flag. They might think that you’re trying to borrow money that you can’t really afford.

Are credit inquiries the same?

Apparently, not all credit inquiries are the same. Depending on the type of credit you’re applying for, the impact can be bigger or smaller on your score. Some inquiries are likely going to be out of your credit file in 30 days, others longer. Still, it is better to hold off on sending in another application for at least three months to give your score a chance to recover.

Your credit score is the first thing a lender would like to see from you if you will apply for a loan. So, does loans has an effect in your credit score? Let’s find out.

Responsilities On Taking Loans

When you apply for a loan it means that you are oblige to repay the money that you borrowed together with its interest and other fees. Of course, loans have an effect to your credit score and it could be something positive or negative. It actually depends on your standing as a borrower. Your credit score tells the lenders if what kind of a borrower are you, how you repay your loans on time, how you pay your debts, how you manage your income and debts, and your financial stability.

Applying for a loan can be hurtful in our pockets because the reason why you get it is because you needed money, right? Then a few weeks or months after you get your loan you have to start repaying it and its interest. Loans help your credit score improve if you repay your debts on time because it means that you know your responsibilities and you have the money to repay your loan.  If you don’t miss any payments on your loan and then finished paying your debt smoothly then it can help not just your credit score but also saving you on paying high interest rates. Why? Because when lenders see that you have an excellent credit score then they might offer you a better deal and lower interest rate.

Risks You Need To Know Before Applying for a Loan

However, if you don’t repay your loan on time it will have an effect on your credit score and it won’t help you to get an easy process with your loan application in the future. So for you to have an excellent credit score, you have to help yourself also by managing your income and expenses. Planning your loan ahead of time could help a lot, you have to set a budget plan where in you can still be able to eat the food you want, pay your bills on time, save some in your bank account, and segregate already your money as payment for your loan. In this way you’ll be able to have a balanced life and appreciate the help of loan in your credit score if you repay them wisely.

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