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Sometimes, you may find yourself in need of some extra cash. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge sum, usually, just a little something that can help tide you over until you get access to your regular income source. It could be a medical emergency or a quick car repair. If you want to borrow £1,000 fast, you’ll find that there are a number of options available for you. 

Short-term loans

Many UK lenders offer this service these days as a way to meet the needs of those borrowers that need a quick monetary fix. These types of loans are usually available for a smaller figure and are payable within 3 to 6 months, though terms can vary from lender to lender.

Fast processing

What is most notable about these loans is they tend to be processed fast. Regular loans usually take a few days at least to get processed and approved. However, with short-term loans, provided that you have the requirements ready, then expect approval to be significantly faster. If you have a financial emergency, these loans make a perfect choice.

Basic requirements

Requirements to qualify for the loan can vary from lender to lender. But among the basic things they ask for include borrowers being 18 or more and being UK residents. There are lenders that are particular with the borrower’s credit score while some are more concerned about the loan’s affordability. You’ll also need to show proof of income and some other personal and financial details as is required by the lending firm. 

High interest rates

Be aware though that for short-term loans, there is always the consequence of higher interest rates. These are unsecured loans, after all. Since borrowers are not required to provide collateral to secure the loan when taking it out, lenders usually get the risks evened out by charging much higher interest. The figures would be incredibly higher still if you happen to have bad credit.

When you’re unemployed, you are still able to get a loan. But that’s if you can show them that you are capable of making the monthly repayment.

These are some of the factors that lenders will tend to look at.

  • Credit Score – Having a good credit score would be a definite plus in getting you your loan while unemployed.

  • Credit History – Lenders will definitely check how well you manage your debts. If you pay on time, or if there’s any negative items on your credit report.

  • Regular Income – The other most important thing in getting approved other than your credit score is your income, this will show the lenders if you are capable of paying or not.

Can you qualify for a loan with an alternate income?

If you can show the lenders that you have a different source of income, that will likely increase your chances. Anything that proves you can make the monthly payments, that’s a huge plus for them.

Being unemployed: lenders would definitely take a look at and verify your financial records to see if you really have an alternate income. These are some of the forms of income that lenders will accept:

  • Social Security Income

  • Pension fund

  • Government Annuity

Things to know before taking out a loan.

The only thing that lenders want is to get repaid. That’s what the lenders would think when looking at your application, if you will and if you can pay back what you borrowed.

Lenders have different ways to evaluate you, but depending on how much you’ll borrow and what your financial status is and how well it compares to your credentials is what they’ll consider most.

Before applying for one, consider your options and talk to many lenders, choose the best one for you. These are the most common offers they have for unemployed applicants:

  • Shorter loan length – This generally means you would pay back the lender faster.

  • Higher interest rate – You could end up paying more with the interest charge, but if you have a shorter loan length, that might help a bit.

  • Automatic Payments – Your lender will automatically deduct funds from your bank account during repayment times.

Yes, you’ll be able to get a loan without a job, provided that you have a different source of income that you can show to the lender. Otherwise, you might explore some other options in getting the funds.

Get The Money You Need

Apply to Borrow £1000 to £25,000*